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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2 update maintenance announcement!

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Patch Notes: Update 60:
"Pharaoh Expansion Release"

*Level Cap has been increased to 220
*All event rates have been updated, meaning players can now rapidly level up to level 175

*The NPC for Pharaoh main has appeared in the 4 main cities

*Many new achievements have been added such as:
Pharaoh Main Quest
Lvl 1-8 Fusion Researcher
1-8-Star Pet's Fusion Expert
Pet's Fusion Master
and many more
*All main quests have massively increased Score gain to help new and returning players catch up to the latest expansion
*Pet related achievements have massively increase Score gain to help players with less time catch-up

*Level 7 of Album has been unlocked

*2 Levels have been unlocked with a new limit of 3020 reputation for maximum stat rewards

*Pharaoh maps have been open
*You can find new Teleports in Angel GO! and the map on ALT+M
*First 4 maps have 171 materials and the last 3 maps have 181 materials for producers
*NPC sell the new custom spells for Pharaoh and all the 171/181 recipe needed by producers
*All Monster/Boss stats/exp/gold/drops have been reworked
*Instance has been fully rebalanced to make sure as many players can complete it solo as possible, keep in mind that certain builds will still struggle and there might be mechanics we were not able to adjust

*Producers can now collect 171 and 181 Materials
*Fixed an issues where high level houses would bug out the materials and you cannot receive materials

*New mount Fashion exchanges have been added

9)Instance Clerk:
*Pharaoh exchanges have been added with the new instance drops
*Improved prices for sustainable and long-term gear

*New Potions to purchase

11)Item Mall:
*Hammers from various Lucky Bags have been upgraded to 18-star
*170-179: Rune Diamond Bag
*180-189: Rune Diamond Bag
*175 Ride Lucky Bag has been added
*All low level Ride Lucky Bags have been reworked
*Power-Backpack Lucky Bag has been updated
*Producer Robot Lucky Bag has been updated
*165 Production Set Bag has been added
*Level 175 Weapon Lucky Bags has been added with massively improved droprates
*Level 175 Armor Lucky Bags has been added with massively improved droprates
*Pharaoh Village Teleport Scroll has been added
*New Fashions have been added
*New Ride Fashions have been added
*Party Boss-Pharaoh have been added

*Due to issues in Jurassic and previous expansion, we are nerfing the producer Orders and start to move on with plan to update the orders for all levels and their droprates
*Gold has been reduced
*Exp has been reduced

*Angels can now change their skills for a Corrupted Skill Crystal when level 120 and below

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