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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2 update maintenance announcement!

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Patch Notes: Update 55:
"Daily Quests, new functions, cards, pets, balance changes and much more"

1)Main City:
*The Portals located in the top of each main city will now have a new function available to players that complete all Achievements for that region

2)Angel Lyceum:
*Chief Director will now allow Angels to choose between personal and league bank
*NEW Daily Manager located at (191,81), you can unlock Daily Quests offered from this NPC by completing certain tasks, as of right now the Lost World and Jurassic dailies are implemented. When you click on the expansion the NPC will prompt you with the condition to unlock the daily. If it already unlocked then you will receive a daily quest. After completing the quest, you will not be able to accept it again until midnight 12:00 server time. Check out the awesome Daily Rewards you can obtain.
*Adventure Guide will now require all main city quests to be completed

3)Sunshine Palace:
*Palace Guard will no longer offer a daily quest, players still need to complete the requirements to enter the instance

*Tamer - Caveman has been added

*Jurassic Cards have been added, all cards are obtainable from Monsters/Bosses in Jurassic and Lucky Bags from Order Manager
*All Not Released cards are now obtainable

*Jurassic cardsets with new awesome rewards have been added

7)Order Manager:
*Prods can now purchase 2 lucky bags that will give 1 random Equipment card from Candyland or Jurassic

8)Olympus Tower:
*Floor 7 has been unlocked
*Olly prices for a lot of items have been adjusted
*New Fashions and Shapeshifts added
*New Upgrade to the Olympic Trinket added

9)Login Rewarder:
*New Body PD has been added
*Descriptions on items have been improved

10)Item Mall:
*White and Black Eggs return - refer to the Discord for pictures of the drops
*Card Bags have been added in Lucky Bag->Hot
*NEW Cavemen Pet Bag added in Pet
*Shadow/Deep Sea/Jungle/Oasis/Serpent/Drake Lucky Bags have been combined
*Party Boss: Jurassic has been added in Function->General

*Romeo and Juliet returns with updated rewards refer to Discord for more details
*NEW Z-Day - claim a box of freebies every 2 hours from the online rewards, refer to Discord for more details

*Ride Enhance Package - increased ride feed from 20 to 40

13)Balance Changes:
*All low level melee spells have adjusted cast time and cooldowns
*Chain Lightning - fixed wrong description
*Chain Lightning EMPOWERED - changed spell power from 553/609/678/744/849 to 718/763/824/879/984 (Matching other 145 AOE's)
*Horizon Divider - changed stance power from 9000/10000/11000/12000/14000 to 4500/5000/5500/6000/7000
*Blood Rain - fixed wrong stacking
*Twin Blade Attack - changed stance power from 5200/5800/6400/7000/8000 to 4200/4800/5400/6000/7000
*Hilt Bash - changed stance power from 4585/5056/5548/6053/7176 to 3585/4056/4548/5053/6176
*Protective Radiance - now called Fire Protection
*Hoarfrost Wall - now called Ice Protection
*NEW Spell Rotten Protection - can be found on Cavemen Egg
*Taunt - Changed damage increase on enemies from 10% to 5%
*Blazing Charm - increased MP debuff from 100/200/400/600/800 to 200/400/800/1200/1600

!4)Jurassic Instance:
*Fixed 4 mobs not being reworked
*Increased EXP from Bosses
*Increased droprate of Swift-Star's Tear from the last boss Lucky Bag

15)Angel Elementary:
*Fixed some wrong answers

16)Party Bosses:
*Only the last Expansion boss will have Rare drops
*Changed Levels and Difficulty of all bosses

17)Full Moon Harvest:
*Bosses will now spawn infront of the Portals in each main city

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