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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2 update maintenance announcement!

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Patch Notes: Update 53:
"Improvements to old events and their rewards. Nerf on PVE content and new items added to certain NPC"

1)Honor Badge:
*Badges from Heaven General have increased stats

2)Vip Badge:
*Vip and Angel Arena Badges have increased stats

3)Olympus Exchange:
*Fashion from the Olympus Exchange are now unable to trade
*Fashion will be of Grade A(Good)
*Fashion can now be albumed for score

*1,000,000 Exp Voucher can now be used for level 180 and below
*2X Stone (3 hours) can now be used for level 180 and below

5)Green Angel:
*Selected Exp Ball - have been added for level 180 and below

6)Moon Maid:
*Old Fashions have been removed and new onces have been added
*Fashion will be of Grade B(Normal)
*Fashion can now be albumed for score
*Ride PD drop from Wolf King Mark has been replaced with a new one

7)League War:
*Improved Shop Text
*Removed old fashions and added new once
*Fashion will be of Grade S(Rare)
*Fashion can now be albumed for score

8)Happiness Guard:
*Slarms will no longer chase players
*More improvement to their mechanics and all Daily Events will be made in the upcoming update so that the difficulty and rewards are updated

9)Spell Changes:
*Summon Demon - reduced Attack on all Ranks

10)Jurassic Instance:
*All Bosses have reduced HP by 50% to help all players complete the instance easier even if they lack the full dmg in their builds

*Players will no longer lose EXP, due to Instances having a higher difficulty and are mostly meant to be farmed solo or in a small group, people tend to die either by not knowing mechanics or getting hit by undodgeable 1 shot mechanics, this change is made to help and motivate people to grind instances without the worry of needing an Amulet and let's us continue to bring new Challenging content without having to overnerf it

12)Login Rewarder:
*Collecting/Manufacturing and Weight Chocolate have been added

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