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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2 update maintenance announcement!

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Patch Notes: Update 51:
"Many fixes for the Jurassic Expansion, Improving and Simplifying the AOPVP stat progression so players can notice a better Item at a glance, Improvement all Armor Types to serve a different purpose Garment for tank focused builds, Mantle for Physical damage builds and Vestment for Magical damage builds, Added a new NPC to help players level by completing Quests and be rewarded as they play."

*Red Potion 7 - fixed wrong healing values
*Blue Potion 7 - fixed wrong healing values
*Shadow Clone - fixed spell missing in Hoca Village NPC's
*Reduced weight on Prod Foods
*Removed Collecting/Production robots from being able to be sold to NPC
*Shields - will no longer have a SD green hammer bonus(Shields already with a SD bonus will remain the same)
*Moon Badge - increased stats

2)Jurassic Instance:
*Fixed monsters being too low level
*Lowered Weak Curse debuff from -2000 to -500 attack and Duration from 30 seconds to 10 seconds
*Rebalanced some of the stats on the bosses
*Changed the revive mechanic to give a 100% HP revive

3)Spell Changes:
*Glorify - made the spell last 1 hour on all ranks
*Lava Burst - reduced cast to 0.1s, increased stance power by 2000 on all ranks
*Earth Bash - reduced cast to 0.1s
*Chain Lightning - fixed wrong amount of jumps on ranks 2/3/4/5
*Taunt - Lowered mana cost, will now work on players
*Garment Armor - changed bonus to compliment the new Pristine Sets(No HP, DEF/SD added)
*Mantle Armor - changed bonus to compliment the new Pristine Sets(Mostly remains the same)
*Vestment Armor - changed bonus to compliment the new Pristine Sets(Spell Damage 10->20%)
*Power Shield - Will no longer give a DEF bonus proc

4)Instance Clerk:
*Removed Gear Fusion Gem requirement for 155p Items
*Added 165p Gear Exchanges

5)Jurassic Maps:
*Lowered HP of some monsters
*Added Rank V Spells to Bosses

6)Bao Clerk:
*Fixed missing vestment armor II recipe
*Added new Spells for Boss V Voucher
*Added new Spells for Melee/Spell V Voucher
*Added Swift-Magic Eye Trinket upgrade
*Added Level 155 Mount Upgrade

7)Item Mall:
*Jurassic Material Lucky Bag - added in On Sale
*Candyland: Fighter/Mage V Bag - added in On Sale
*Dino Area Treasures Bag - added in On Sale
*Added New Fashion

8)Angel Elementary:
*Fixed broken EXP values at certain levels

9)Pristine Items:
*Fixed some wrong stat values at low levels
*Pristine Sets will now have equalized DEF and SD
*Pristine Sets will now have equalized Green Bonuses(Old bonuses will remain on 160s/155p and below items)
*Pristine Item Set Bonuses have been reworked to no longer compensate for the loss of DEF/SD and now are focused on enhancing Builds specializing in them

10)Order Manager:
*Added Level 7 Gears
*Added new Collection/Production robots
*Added Normal to Super ring upgrade

*Added Worker Seals to level 17 to 22 Orders

*Fixed Level 161 Maple dropping Cuffs order instead of Staff

13)Moon Maid:
*Added new Fashions

14)Adventure Guide:
*A new NPC has appeared in the Angel Lyceum(170,95) called Adventure Guide
*The NPC will provide you basic Information of what his role is
*Players that complete Main Quests will be rewarded with an [Advancement Stone] for a certain level, meaning you can instantly get to that level
*To claim the first [Advancement Stone] you will need to have completed the Aurora/Shadow/Beast/Steel Main City Quest Achievements, after that completing each expansion in order Dungeon,Atlantis,Forest... etc, will reward you additional [Advancement Stone] for higher levels
*You cannot claim more then 1 [Advancement Stone] per 6 hours, because the NPC need to re-stock on items

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what time will be the server fixed? It says " The server is not ready. Please try again later."

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