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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2 update maintenance announcement!

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Patch Notes: Update 50:
"The Jurassic Expansion is here with many new custom spells and changes to the endgame progression"

*Level Cap has been increased to 200
*All event rates have been moved +20 Levels, meaning players can now rapidly level up to level 155

*The NPC for Jurassic main has appeared in the 4 main cities

*Jurassic Main Quest section has been added
*You get your fame - 5,200
*Lvl 12 Monster Hunter
*Lvl 12 Monster Killer
*Upgrade to Lv 200
*Reach LV 200
*Pet's Training Expert - 200
*Tamer - Eagle
*Defeat Rex
*Rex's Enemy
*Rex's Nightmare
*Rex's Rival

*Jurassic is now visible on the Map Menu and players can enter the expansion from the portal in Dragon Graveyard
*Reworked and custom spells can be found in the Skill NPC's in Hoca Village
*Producer recipe for level 151 and 161 can be found in the NPC's in Hoca Village
*Jurassic monster drops have been changed to potions, later on Lord Maps and Cards will be added
*Jurassic Bosses have reworked drops similar to Candyland
*Instance has been fully reworked, nerfing OP boss abilities that 1 shot and introducing an improved loot system
*Players will now need to clear both monsters and bosses in order to get the same amount of materials as they did in Candyland and below expasion
*Reason for this is the skip glitches that people can abuse to rush to the last bosses
*From now on the instance currency in planned to be Untradeable, if you were using this as a source of gold, then look no futher then farming monsters in Jurassic Maps
Monsters will drop [Beast Claw] and producers can collect [Pure Beast Meat] while these items are used to obtain the 145 Producer Sets and 155 Pristine Sets, you can sell them to NPC for good amounts of gold
*Candyland [Tasty Creamy Mushroom] and [Pure Crystal] can now be sold to NPC's and have massively increased droprates

*Jurassic custom and reworked spell have adjusted price to fit the economy of the game
*Candyland some spells have reduced price
*Floating all spells have reduced price
*Forest/Desert all spells have reduced price
*Spell Master the 3 new spells added have prices to fit the economy of the game

6)Angels GO!:
*Jurassic teleports have been added

*Producers can now collect 151 and 161 Materials

*New mount Fashion exchanges have been added

9)Instance Clerk:
*Jurassic exchanges have been added with the new instance drops

*All Producer foods from level 1 to 400 have fixed prices (+1k gold when selling on lvl 11+ Foods)
*Names on many Producer Foods have been uniformed to match between different levels
*Lost World Lucky Bag - removed Skill and EXP vouchers
*Purple Runes - movement speed has been lowered from 2 to 1 per rune

11)Item Mall:
*Hammers have been updated to 16-star in the Enhance Packages
*Eagle Pet Bag has been added
*Avidia Pet Bag has been added
*160-169: Rune Diamond Bag
*145 Ride Lucky Bag has been added
*155 Ride Lucky Bag has been added
*Power-Backpack Lucky Bag has been updated
*Producer Robot Lucky Bag has been updated
*Producer Trinket Lucky Bag has been updated
*145 Production Set Bag has been added
*Level 155 Weapon Lucky Bags has been added
*Level 155 Armor Lucky Bags has been added
*Hoca Village Teleport Scroll has been added

12)Producer Rates:
*Crafting A(Good) class items will now be 10% on all levels and types of armors

13)Olympus Tower:
*The 1 Hour ticket will now be 30 minutes, the cooldown to re-enter OT will be also 30 minutes instead of 1 hour, helping players do more runs and farm more materials
*The OLD OT Trinkets will now be called Artifact and will no longer be obtainable from running OT, will be added overtime to the PVE content

*New Potions to purchase

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