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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2 update maintenance announcement!

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Patch Notes: Update 47:
"Events are ending and we are improving the new Angel experiance with better progression"

*Spam Event
- NPC will despawn at midnight 29.12.2022
- Pity exchanges have been moved to Bao Clerk
- Hammer in the exchange have been upgraded to 16-star as promised to players
- Bao Clerk exchanges will be removed 1 week after the update, make sure you exchange all portraits
*Happy New Year
- Small Events have been enabled for the end of the year, Angels that are online can enjoy the experiance on the 31st and 1st
*Make it Quick
-Shadow Meld spell cast reduction effect has been temporary added to the Heavy/Medium/Light Armor Buffs, so players can experiance it and give feedback if we should move in that direction for the next expansion Jurassic

*Fixed an issue where players could use the Olympus Tower ticket to enter the Xmas Area and the Xmas Area ticket to enter the Olympus Tower

*Escape Potion
- Movement speed has been reduced to 50%
- The item will no longer bug shapeshifts
- Can be used with all other spells

4)New Starting Experiance:
*Going back to the roots of the game, being an either active grind or afk grind type, we have reworked all of the Angel Lyceum Maps and World Maps for new Angels
*Players can now progress much easier and faster, while enjoying the game, both actively or farming afk on Angel Baby
*Catch Up Angel has it's level 1 to 59 rewards all completely reworked, you can go talk to him and see what new rewards away you
*Playgrounds now allow you to summon the Lord bosses at any level
*Bosses wil the Angel Lyceum maps and World Maps will now directly drop useful items such as S Class or Parts of special sets, while killing monster will drop Special Currency/Potions/Cards and Lord Maps
*Nightmare Cave has been partially reworked, with new rewards on the Bosses
*We are really excited to bring these changes to our players and would like to receive feedback if we can further improve them and if they would like to see these changes applied to low level Expansions also
*The changes are not yet 100% complete, stay tuned for a few tweaks to World Map bosses, Nightmare Cave and Lord Maps for next week

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