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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2 update maintenance announcement!

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Patch Notes: Update 42:
"New Cards and Cardsets with improvements to the Olympus Tower"

1)Bao Clerk:
*Added Exchange for 50,000 Skill Vouchers from Lucky Bags
*Changed the 10,000 Skill Voucher to Tradeable, after you upgrade your vouchers to higher versions, the new vouchers remain untradeable, be careful when exchanging

*Fixed wrong drops in bosses Hell Envoy Disco and Big Chris

3)Item Mall:
*Some of the old Cardsets have been removed, you will now be able to obtain them only by gameplay
*Card Bags for Candyland have been added
*Candyland Material Lucky Bag - removed
*130-139: Rune Diamond Bag - removed
*Added 145 Pristine Lucky Bags for Weapons and Armors
*Anniversary Badge Lucky Bag - removed

*Moved all events -1h Hour due to Daylight Savings

5)Spell Changes:

*Negative overtime effects such as Poison/Bleed/Mana Drain will now work with eachother, meaning a if you hit someone with a Poison rank 3 and rank 4, both will apply, but if you hit someone with a poison rank 4 and again with rank 4, this will only refresh the negative effect

*Bleeding Ambush - bleeding values are now doubled
*Sneak - will now be instant cast
*Storm Shuriken - will now be a targeted spell and now has 2 hits
*Steel Rain/Spear Trap/Earth Bash/Twin Blade Attack/Disabling Strike - will now NOT STACK, thus putting eachother on cooldown when used
*Remove Magic - lowered stance power due to the Sneak changes

*Desolation - lowered range 14 to 12, rebalanced Mana Costs to 400/600/900/1500/2000, rebalanced Elemental Damage to 1000/2000/3000/4000/6000, lowered cooldown to 3 seconds, rebalanced Burning effect to 400/700/900/1200/1500

6)Halloween Events:
*Decorations have been removed

7)Card and Cardset:
*Added Candyland Cards and Cardsets exclusive to AOPVP2 with many exciting rewards, go hunt down all new cards and claim the rewards from the cardsets
*You can view the location to obtain a certain card from ALT+C -> Card List -> Click on the card you want and read the hint of the source to obtain it

8)Olympus Tower:
*New Candyland Trinkets can be obtained
*Players will no longer need previous version of the trinket to upgrade UP TO Candyland (You will still need the Candyland OT Trinket to upgrade to the Jurassic one)
*Candyland Party Boss has been added
*All boss egg's will now cost 500 Legacy Certs each

9)Instance Clerk:
*New Upgrade for the Dragon Backpack has been added

10)Moon Maid:
*Some of the old Cardsets have been removed, you will now be able to obtain them only by gameplay

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