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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2 update maintenance announcement!

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Patch Notes: Update 38:
"Candyland expansion with many improvements to core game mechanics"

1)Level Cap:
*Level limit has been increased up to 180

*Candyland maps have been opened
*The new maps have been added to the world map window
*Angel's GO teleports have been added for Candyland
*All Candyland monster droprates have been updated
*All Candyland bosses will now drop items 3 times, bosses have increased Stats and fully updated droptables
*Poker Castle has fully new item drops
*Special currency will be droped in Candyland maps, used to upgrade your 125 to 135 gear

*The following achievements have reduced requirements to complete:
-Gate Destroyer
-Gate Bomber
-City Architect
-Gate Architect
-KO total
-Enhancement Expert
-Radio Host
-Silly Beast Tamer
-Learn from Failure
*P-Equipment achievements have been unlocked
*Candyland main quest has been unlocked
*Drake/Mecha/Choco achievements have been added
*Monster KO/Capture Pet/Boss Hunt/Level Up for Candyland has been unlocked
*Fixed the names of some titles

4)Online Gift:
*Pet Feed has been removed
*Skill Vouchers have been increased to 12 from 6
*There will now be 3 claims with the follwing online times - 5/10/15 minutes

5)Login Gift:
*Increased the amount of rewards you receive per month:
-Smart Blessing Bell/Star from 4 to 10
-Superwing from 10 to 25
-EXP/Skill EXP Ball Ticket from 1 to 3
-Liquid Soap from 1 to 2
*Changed the monthly Body Fashion reward

6)Pet Equipment:
*Pet Equipment has been added to the game, you can find the first base gear from NPC Pet Expert in the Angel Lyceum map

7)Event Rates:
*EXP at and above level 160 has been reduced by 3 to 5 times on HBS/Dailies/Farm/Ball/AE

8)Spell Changes:
*Fixed some syntax errors in a lot of spells
*Thunder Strike - cooldown will now be 2 seconds, all ranks can be cast separately
*Frozen Trap - cooldown will now be 3 seconds, all ranks can be cast separately
*Deific Rebuke/Bloodthirsty Bite/Scorching Magma/Beast Charge
-spell power has been reduced by 25%
-all 4 spells share the same spell power scaling
-all 4 spells will now have the same Mana Cost as Beast Charge
-Beast Charge will now have Rotten Damage and will now pushback as Bear Bellowing
-Deific Rebuke can now stun like Heavenly Hammer
-Scorching Magma improved the Mana Burn to work same as Bloodthirsty Bite
*Energy Source - Mana Regeneration has been reduced to 1/2/3/4/5% per tick
*Spirit Binding - added Mage Effect to be obtained from more monsters in the game
*Shell Barrier/Hoarfrost Wall/Protective Radiance/Light Shield - Pet Buffs have been reworked, refer to in-game for the new effects (Shell Barrier and Light Shield can be used together)
*Binding - slow has a reduced duration

9)Item Mall:
*130-139: Rune Diamond Bag - NEW
*140-149: Rune Diamond Bag - NEW
*White and Black Eggs have been removed
*Ride Fashions have been rotated
*New Fashions have been added
*Level 135 Special Ride Bag - NEW
*All Pet Lucky Bags have rebalanced droprates and amounts
*Drake Pet Bag - NEW
*Mecha Pet Bag - NEW
*Choco Pet Bag - NEW
*Desert Melee and Mage Spell Bags have been removed
*Floating Melee and Mage Spell bags have been added (All spells from the bags are dropable from Candyland bosses)
*Floating Material Lucky Bag has been removed
*Candyland Material Lucky Bag has been added
*Power-Backpack Lucky Bag has updated new items
*Lv 135: Weapon/Armor Lucky Bags - NEW
*Lv 60: (P)Gear Lucky Bag - NEW
*Producer: Recipe 2 Bag - NEW
*Producer Trinket Lucky Bag - Updated Items
*Producer Robot Lucky Bag - NEW
*Sealed-Party Boss: Candyland - NEW

*Instance Sets will now be called "Pristine", so that players don't confuse the normal S class items and the special Item Sets
*All hammers in-game have been updated to 14*
*Enhance Hammers from Dailies Clerk will now cost 2-5 more coins
*More Card Bags have been added to Moon Maid and price of Card Bags has been increased to 30 Moon Rocks
*Hunter has been updated with Candyland Mount Fashions
*Instance Clerk has the Candyland exchanges added
*Bao Clerk has new prices for all Rank V spells including the newly added Boss V Voucher

11)Olympus Tower:
*Floor 6 has been unlocked
*NPC Exchanges have been updated with new items

12)Totem Battle:
*Defenses of Totems have been increased
*Skeletons and Azrael from Adv and Strong type Defense Tower have been improved
*All Super Tier Defense Towers from Defence Bookman in all Main Cities have been improved

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