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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2 update maintenance announcement!

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Patch Notes: Update 36:
"Pre-Patch for Candyland with many improvements for new players and content to complete"

1)Spell Changes:
*Chapped Arrow - fixed wrong stance power and cooldown
*Wedding buff - increased HP/MP to 1000
*Revolving Swords - will now have the same trigger as the level 80 AOE
*Heavy Crack - slow trigger will now last 5 seconds, same as level 80 AOE
*Spear Volley - trigger has been changed to reduce attack speed(reducing agility was useless in pvp and barely useful in pve)
*Recovery Shield/Fury Attack - fixed descriptions so people don't get confused by the text

2)Spell Master:
*Reduced all spell prices by 10 times so low level players can afford them without too much farming

*Fixed too big droprate for prod plans in Season Garden
*Instance Clerk - reduced Worker Seals needed for Forest/Desert producer Sets, reduced prices of Atlantis/Forest/Desert/Lost World/Floating items
*Order Manager - reduced Artisan and Power Ring prices to 5000
*Bao Clerk - added the Spam Event exchanges
*Catch-up Angel - added PK V Token and FS V Token in tab 41-60 for silver badges that can be exchanged in Bao Clerk for the spell
*Hunter - add more floating PD exchanges

4)Training Palace:
*Copper Monster badges will drop for +5 levels higher and lower then before, badges dropped will also be 10 instead of 3 and normal monster in AL to 3 from 1

*Superwing - reduced to 1 weight from 10
*Imperial Carpet (30 days) - increased magic index from 100 to 1000
*105/115/125 Set Bonus effects have increased SD by 100 and HP by almost double

6)Item Mall:
*Reduced prices of older cardset lucky bags by 50%
*White and Black Eggs have returned, open them to receive random rewards
*Ride Fashions have been rotated
*Serpent Pet Bag has been added (Pet has same stats as Oasis)

7)Boost Event:
*Event duration has been changed to 19.09.2022

8)Territory Area:
*Terra 3 gold droprate has been increased from 1000 to 3000 per monster
*Terra 3 monster exp has been increased from 7000 to 14000
*Terra 3 badges can now be exchanged for Terra 1 and 2 badges

9)House Boss:
*EXP has been reduced by 3 times

10)Level Cap:
*Level limit has been increased to 160 for players that want to prepare for future content releases.

11)Album and Achievements:
*Album level 4 has been unlocked
*Reputation has been unlocked up to 1240
*Note: 1060 and 1120 give Physical and Magical Reflect 5%
*Boss Hunt Achievements have been reduced to 1/5/10/25
*Mini Game Achievements have been reduced
*Lay on the ground Achievements have been reduced
*Lucky Bags Lucky One Achievements have been reduced

*Love channel chat color has been changed

13)Event Rates:
*HBS now has rebalanced rates
*There will now be 4 HBS's per day
*Dailies now have rebalanced rates
*AE now has rebalanced rates
*House Balls now have rebalanced rates
*League Farm now has rebalanced rates
*Angel Arena will now be 80-99 / 100-120 / 121-160

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