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[Sys] AOPVP_ Zone2 new version update maintenance announcement!

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Patch Notes: Update 35:
"Client and server upgrade, many fixes and events"

*Client and Server have been upgraded to the Celestia Expansion version
*1 New Expansion has been added to the game with many client and server side fixes

2)Angel Arena:
*Fixed Angel Arena not starting correctly for certain level ranges

*Beast Lord has been reverted to the original stats
*Daily Event Bosses and Monsters have been reverted to the original stats and EXP given to help players advance faster in the game

4)Totem Battle:
*Times have been reverted to Original, this means Saturday -1 Hour only

5)Floating Instance:
*Increased Gold on 1 type of missed monsters
*Reduced stats on boss Lilith
*Reduced Lilith Venomous Breath Rotten Damage by 50%

6)Spell Changes:
*Mage 32 AOE's will now have cast time if they are ranged
*Mage 60 AOE's will now not stack with Level 108 AOES, making you able to stack level 32 and 60 and level 60 and 80 on lower levels
*Reduced mana cost of mage level 108 and 80 AOES and made all aoes cost the same mana
*Divine Freeze - changed slow to 120/110/100/90/80, healing to 4/5/6/7/9, added 0.3 second delay
*Mana Barrier - reduced physical def to 5/6/7/8/10
*Power Shield - Lowered shield values to 1000/3000/5000/7000/10000
*Vine Trap - reduced proc chance to 5/7/9/12/15 and changed number of procs to 2/3/4/5/8
*Vampiric Wind - reverted to original spell Vampire Arrow
*Anti-evil Arrow - reverted to original spell Chapped Arrow
*Heavy Axe Cleave - added 15% off-hand scaling
*Berserk - increased duration to 15 seconds
*Shield Hit - reduced stun duration to 1 second, reduced cooldown to 3 seconds, changed proc rate to 70/73/76/79/85
*Aegis - reduced proc rate to 15%
*Nimble - changed agility to 2/5/10/15/20
*Ghostly Tactics - changed agility to 5/9/13/17/22
*Deadly Combo - fixed wrong stance power on rank 5

*1,000,000 EXP Voucher is now for level 130 and below
*Low level gems now have better stats to help new Angels

8)Login Gifts:
*Day 28 has been changed with a new Body PD

*Back to school Event is now here until 06.10.2022
*Find Teacher Fiona in the Angel Lyceum to see the items offered
*Kill Monsters level 21 and above or collect materials level 21 and above to obtain School Book that can be exchanged for various rewards.

*Boost Event: (ends on 22.09.2022)
EXP x3
Pet EXP x3
Skill EXP x10
Collecting x3
Monster Drop x3

10)Angel Elementary:
*The questions have been simplified so more players can participate and win rewards.
Update time of new version

At 20:30 Eastern time

Please go offline in advance

thank you

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