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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2 update maintenance announcement!

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Patch Notes: Update 34:
"Floating Part 2 with many improvement for new players"

1)Angel Arena:
*Angel Arena's will now be held on Sunday
*Reduced gold required to join
*You can check the new schedule on discord in channel event-schedule

2)League War Shop:
*Prices and some items have been adjusted

*Change All the Time 1 - fixed Werewolf shape not counting
*You get your fame - 3,900 and 4,000 have been open
*Killer of TB-250 - has been added
*Kill 2,000 People - has been added
*Kill 5,000 People - has been added

*Updated scrolls in Dailies Exchange / Quick Reflex Boxes / Arena Cleark / GVG Lucky Bag / Safe Key Bags
*Reduced weight from 30 to 10 on a lot of Producer Fuels
*Reduced level 120-130 Producer food to 1 weight and added back 1 weight to 110-120 foods
*2X Stone (3 hours) - is now for level 130 and below
*Angel Might Necklace(7 days) - is now for level 130 and below
*2x EXP Might Stone (7 days) - is now for level 130 and below
*Producer Plan 2 have been added to the following bosses:
Mystic Keith - Bow
Priest Terence - Sword
Charming Daphne - Spear
Lilith - Axe
Bloody Hoof - Staff
Dancing Simon - Shadow Blade

-Season Garden
Eyebasher - Garment Boots and Helmet
botti archer - Vestment Boots and Helmet
Botti Blood Arrow - Mantle Boots and Helmet
Dasheen Demon - Garment Body and Gloves
Armored Baby - Mantle Body and Gloves
Sun Crab - Shield
Purple Armor Baby - Trinket
Forest Elf - Cape
Swift Eyebasher - Vestment Body and Gloves

5)Instance Clerk:
*Reduced prices in Dungeon / Atlantis and removed gold needed to exchange for gear
*Reduced prices in Forest / Desert to help players get midgame gear faster

6)Catch-up Angel:
*Improved exchanges and added more items to help new players journey to endgame

*Added Lost World and Floating Mounts PD exchanges

8)Item Mall:
*Added level 125 Special Ride Lucky Bag that has 2 rides with stats of 125 but can be used on level 100

*Improved potions and reduced prices in Healer and League Healer

10)Full Moon Harvest:
*Adjusted Boss Difficulty and reward amounts

11)Floating Instance:
*Gold has been improved
*Droprates from all bosses have been improved
*Boss stats have been slightly increased
*Lilith Poison has been nerfed

12)Floating Normal Map Bosses:
*Stats have been increased
*Rewards have been improved

!3)Elite Quests:
*fertilization has been reduced to 1 hour, from 12 hours

14)Holy Battlefield:
*Stats on Guards and Statues have been increased

15)House Bosses:
*Difficulty and EXP rewards have been adjusted so more players can challenge these bosses with their friends

16)Terra Clerk:
*Added new boss eggs and reduced prices


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