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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2 update maintenance announcement!

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Patch Notes: Update 33:
"Floating, Old Totem War System, Balance Changes, Spam Event and many improvements"

*Level Cap has been increased to 140
*All monster droprates have been adjusted
*The last Boss of the Instance will drop some special currency for the spam event and a special item Swift-Star's Tear

*Many Achievements have been unlocked

3)Reputation and Album:
*Rep cap has been increased to 630 and Album to level 3

4)Spam Event:
*Mi and Ni have appeared in AL
*You can purchase Spray-Paint from the Item Mall or earn them by completing instances
*Droprates are the same as the previous Spam Event with even better pity rewards to obtain

5)Instance Clerk:
*Desert Exchanges have been updated
*Floating exchanges have been added

6)Bao Clerk:
*Old Spam event items have been removed
*Added an exchange to create a 1 hour floating boss version

7)Item Mall:
*On Sale - Spray-Paint spam item has been added / production set now gives level 5 cores / Power Backpack Lucky bag has updated items / Floating Material Bag has been added / New 120-129 Runes have been added
*Lucky Bag -> Hot - Enhance packages have been updated to 12* / New Card Bags have been added
*Special -> General - Farm Fruits have been added for direct purchase
*Special -> Teleport - Whole section has been updated and prices have been adjusted
*Function -> General - Lost World and Floating House Party Bosses have been added
*Fashion - Many new Fashions have been added

*Many cardsets with revamped rewards have been unlocked

9)Olympus Tower:
*Floor 5 has been unlocked
*New Enhance items and buffs have been added
*New Fashions have been added
*New Trinket upgrades have been added

10)Totem Battle:
*Wednesday War time has been moved +1 hours
*Saturday War time has been moved -1 hours
*If these changes affect players negatively, they might be reverted in the upcoming weeks
*The New Version of the Totem Battle system has been disabled and the Old Version with open maps have been enabled

11)Superwing Fast Travel:
*Floating has been added
*Totem Battle section has been revampted to fit the old totem war system

12)House Bosses:
*Only the Floating boss will drop Candy Permenance and Swift-Star's Tear Trinket

13)Balance Changes:
*After gathering feedback the few past weeks for the balance, i have updated some spells and classes accordingly
*After obtaining the new gear i saw that critical was way too increased and had to reduce melee critical in some places
*Axe and Shield have reduced base damage and tankiness mainly against melee builds
*Spear damage has been increased a little to match sword/axe and other builds
*Assassin out of sneak damage has been increased, so they don't rely on Assassinations only
*Bow has base damage increased in a lot of area's to make the class do good damage against all builds
*Nothing has changed in sword, as the new stats you can obtain are a direct buff
*Mages were too easy to play and way too rewarding for stacking spell attack and hitting 1 aoe where all of your damage is locked, i have reduced all aoe spell power by 50%, meaning mages will now deal around 50% less damage, but to counter that i have given them the ability to cast both 108 and 60/80 aoes together, with a combination of the new Single spell they get at level 130, the overall damage output is still the same as before, you just now require to use more spells, the increase in spells also means you will get to proc more on-hit effects on the targets

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