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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2 update maintenance announcement!

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Patch Notes: Update 30:
"Updated game class balance and Releasing rank V spells"

1)Spell Added to Bosses:
*Forest Bosses:
Mana Focus V - Fire Month
Apollo's Judgement V / Hollow Point V - Hook Worm King
Deadly Assassination V / Mana Barrier V - Animal Mogu

*Desert Bosses:
Arcane Burst V / Deadly Combo V - Scorpion Nick
Ax Trap V - Scorp. Emperor Adrian
Storm Fury V - Leviathan
Shark Shift V / Power Shield V - Bottle Liam
Punishing Shield V - Dancing Girl Bonnie
Transfer Bargain V - Spearman Kente
Spears Trap V - Confused Smoker Sid
Double Clone V / Swift Dodge V - Harold the Dragon
Doomsday Bomb V - Lantern Chacha

2)Item Mall:
*Added Desert Fighter and Mage Spell Lucky Bags in tab On Sale

3)Bao Clerk:
*Added Atlantis and Forest spells to be exchanged for Spell Vouchers

*Added Stealth Break and Detect Stealth 4 to Atlantis Shops

5)Terra Clerk:
*Reduced Exp Seed price from 10 to 5

6)Spell Changes:
*Soul Mucher 2-5 - SD has been increased by 300
*Freezing Rain is now Storm Shuriken - same spell different look
*Stealth Break is now a universal spell for all melee
*Detect Stealth is now a universal spell for all mages
*Cross Trial / Doomsday Bomb / Thunder Fury / Storm Fury - increased Spell Power by 50
*Weak Curse - increased Slow 20% to 30%
*Sword - reduced off-hand scaling on all spells from 30% to 15%
*Sword 32/60/80 AOE will no longer stack
*Axe 32/80 AOE will no longer stack
*Hell Shield will now stack will all spells
*Heavy Axe Cleave - reduced off-hand scaling from 30% to 10%
*Cyclone Stab - increased stance power by 300
*Heavy Stab - increased stance power
*Pin Down - increased stance power
*Vampiric Wind - fixed animation
*Divine Freeze - increased slow 40% to 70% / Increased HP regen by 2% / removed delay for the spell to hit
*Sneak - increased cast time 0.7s to 1s / increased cooldown by 4 seconds / increased duration by 1 second
*Deceptive Clone - increased cooldown 40s to 45s / reduced duration to 30s
*Thunder Burst - reduced stance power
*Shield Hit - increased chance to stun
*Berserker's Fury - reduced stance power / increased chance to pull
*Berserk - reduced critical 10 to 5
*Go Green - reduced SD 100/200/300 to 50/100/150 / removed MP / Added Weight
*Frost Armor - increased attack speed and movement speed slow
*Power Shield - reduced defense by 50%
*Intelligence Weaken - increased Spell Dmg debuff fon rank V from 15 to 20% and increased cooldown on all rank to 5 seconds

7)Totem Battle:
*Totem in Thorn Wasteland HP/Def/SD has been increased

*Weight has been removed from a lot of Producer Foods
*Fixed some item names
*115 Garment set Effect - increased SD by 100
*115 Mantle set Effect - increased SD by 100
*115 Vestment set Effect - Reduced Def from 600 to 500 / Increased SA from 200 to 350

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