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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2 update maintenance announcement!

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Patch Notes: Update 29:
"Fixed some bugs and added the OT trinket upgrade"

*Eilian Awaits You: Card Bag - fixed duplicate card, players can pm Baynar and trade 4 of the other cards to receive the missing duplicate one, this will be only applied Thursday and Friday
*115 Vestment Set - reduced SA bonus from 400 to 200
*105 and 115 Staff will no longer give 10% movement speed
*Fixed Robot Cores not working after last update
*Material Vendor all items now buy and sell for 1 gold except Glue
*Withered Grass will now also drop in Nightmare Palace
*S Class Items will no longer be able to be sold to NPC's
*Angel Might Necklace(7 days) is now for level 110 or below
*2x EXP Might Stone (7 days) is now for level 110 or below
*2X Stone (3 hours) is now for level 110 or below
*1,000,000 EXP Voucher is now for level 110 or below

*Fixed wrong stance power sharing between Desert house boss and NMC bosses
*Desert and Forest bosses will now have their own stronger spells

3)Spell Changes:
*Blizzard Burst chance to freeze 100% to 30%
*Light Armor will no longer give 10% movement speed
*Defense Wall - increased HP / Removed movement speed debuff
*Shield Hit - increased stance power
*Berserker's Fury - increased stance power
*Heavy Axe Cleave - added off-hand scaling
*Mana Focus - reduced spell critical
*Level 80 Melee AOE - increased range and reduced cast time
*Stunning Ambush is now Bleeding Ambush with a new effect
*Desolation - cast time increased to 0.5s
*Blazing Charm - reduced cooldown and reduced duration, increased cast time to 0.5s

*Increased cap for producer materials to 111

5)Angel Arena:
*Enabled level 120-149 Angel Arena on Wednesday
*Adjusted Sign In Prices

*Added Purple Chunk and Blue Chunk Gems in NPC Shopkeeper, that have no stats and can be used to gem in gear level 0 to 99 and 100 to 199

*Increased EXP by 2 times
*Reduced Gold by 2 times

8)Olympus Tower:
*Added new Trinket upgrade

9)Instance Clerk:
*Adjusted prices in Forest tab to be less confusing
*Added Level 100 normal and special gem bags to Forest
*Added level 110 gems to Desert

*NPC Forest-Desert has visited AL, talk to him to receive rewards

11)Item Mall:
*Ride Fashions have been changed
*Superwing Box is now Straw Pollutant Box

12)Login Rewards:
*New Body Fashion for day 28

13)Totem Battle:
*Increased Crystal and Guard HP by 5 times

14)Returning EVENT: Romeo and Juliet
Duration: 2022-07-07 untill 2022-07-21
Rewards for completion: Title/Death Notice/Badge

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