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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2 update maintenance announcement!

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Patch Notes: Update 24:
"The Forest expansion is finally here with many improvements to the game."

*Boss Rush event will no longer be held
*NEW EVENT: Full Moon Harvest
*All players are welcome on Saturday and Sunday at 11:00 (EDT) in all main cities, Boss Wolf King Mark will spawn with his army, players have 2 hours to defeat him and his minions, you can obtain Moon Rocks and a rare mount fashion Style-Zephyr Wolf
*NPC Monster Hunter has retired and now NPC Moon Maid will replace it with many new exchanges

*Spell Transfer Bargain V moved to Desert Expansion
*Spell Punishing Shield V moved to Desert Expansion
*Spell Shark Shift V moved to Desert Expansion
*Spell Spears Trap V moved to Desert Expansion
*Spell Storm Fury V moved to Desert Expansion
*Spell Doomsday Bomb V moved to Desert Expansion
*Vip / Angel Arena / Mommy's Love Badges have upgraded stats
*Fixed names and descriptions on alot of items
*Pet Stones have reduced exp gained to 1%
*Angel Might Necklace is now for lvl 100 and below
*2X EXP Might Stone is now for lvl 100 and below

3)Item Mall:
*Light Rune Piece Diamond Bag has been added to tab On Sale
*Level 100 Special Runes have been added
*Fuzz/Raptor/Baby Bag has been added to tab Pet
*Shadow Pet Bag Added
*Level 100 Armor and Weapons Bags added
*Level 100 and 105 Mount bags added
*New fashions added for male and female
*New Ride Fashions have been added
*Power-Backpack Lucky Bag has been updated

*Bao Clerk:
-Added spam event exchanges
-Updated vip badge exchanges
-Added Skill Voucher exchanges

*Order Manager
-Updated exchanges

*Instance Clerk
-Added Forest instance exchanges and reworked Dungeon and Atlantis to help new players

*Catch Up Angel:
-Level 80-100 helping items have been added

-Will now allow players to change skills up to level 70

-Forest ride exchanges have been added

*Arena Clerk:
-Check out the new exchanges for joining in the Angel Arena

*Green Angel:
-Exchanges have been updated

5)Olympus Tower:
*Each floor will now drop its unique Olympic Badge
*The Olympic Badge from the last open Floor is used for the latest trinket in the Expansion and to purchase Enhance Items
*Exchanges for the old currency has been added in tab Olympic Items
*All exchanges and prices have been updated
*Rahaiga will no longer spawn, instead a treasure chest will appear
*Floor 4 is unlocked

*Pet Training for lower levels has been improved, be careful not to overpimp pets at low levels as they will skip levels

*New cardsets have been unlocked

*New achievements have been unlocked

*Level 2 of album is unlocked

10)Login Rewards:
*28 Day fashion has been changed

11)Angel Arena:
*Will now reward Angel Medal to players 1-32 place

12)Spell Changes:
*Most selfbuffs have been made to last 5 minutes
*Most shared buffs have been made to last 1 hour and not disappear on death
*Some pet buffs have been made to last 2 hours (they don't disappear on death)

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