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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2 update maintenance announcement!

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Patch Notes: Update 21:
"The anticipated Spam Event for the Atlantis Expansion is finally here. Its the perfect time for New and Returning players to catch up. Don't miss it out as the next spam event after this one is pretty far away in the future."

*The Atlantis Spam event has arrived and NPC's [Lady's Portrait] ,[Mi and Ni] and [Mommy Amy] have appeared in Angel Lyceum
*New Achievements and level 100 items can be obtained from the event
*The items used for the event can be found in the Item Mall [Spray-Paint] for 49AG or can be obtained by completing instances in Atlantis
*The drops from Instances will be removed on 12.05.2022
*The NPC's will leave Angel Lyceum on 19.05.2022

2)Forest Expansion:
*The Updated Expansion will release on 26.05.2022 with new items and content to do and obtain, stay tuned for more information after the Spam Event is over

3)Item Mall:
*Removed Pet's Double Exp Card x12
*Added Pet's Double Exp Card (8 Hours)
*Added Pet's Double Exp Card (3 Days)
*Added Pet's Double Exp Card (30 Days)
*Added NEW Pet Feast - increases Pet hunger by 2500
*Added White General and Pink Bud Fashions

*Improved Names in Pet System -> Pet's Training
*Added NEW Spam Event achievements in tab Events

*Added NEW title "Mommy is the best" obtained from the Spam Event

*Atlantis Instance Bags will now drop a special Event currency [White Scroll] that can be exchanged in NPC [Lady's Portrait]
*Gear/Ride/Green Enhance Package - updated hammers to 10-star
*Spell/Melee V Scroll Voucher - fixed description
*Totem War Daily Lucky Bags - removed Stealth/Power/Artisan/Swift Rings
*Valor/Valoria Fashions - removed Glow

7)Dailies Clerk:
*Updated shop hammers to 10-star

8)Olympus Tower:
*Updated shop hammers to 10-star

9)Spell Changes:
OLD Mana cost 1000/1200/1400/1600/2000 , Spell Power 1000/1200/1400/1600/2000 , Damage Randomness 50 , Critical +10
NEW Mana cost 500/600/700/800/1000 , Spell Power 750/950/1150/1350/1600 , Damage Randomness 11 , Critical removed
*All Assassination have lowered Stance Power by 5 times (Same as before rework), this allows the class to not single hit kill players that is mostly toxic for the gameplay
*All Assassination "Failed" damage of 60% of original value will now scale per rank 50/55/60/65/75 this damage is % based 10,000 dmg = 7,500 dmg on a rank 5 "Failed" Sination, this provides more value to obtain higher rank spells for Assassin as with the Stance Power Nerf, the difference between 2 ranks is not that big as before
*Deceptive Clone:
OLD 1 second cast time and 90 seconds cooldown
NEW 0.5 second cast time and 40 seconds cooldown
*Deceptive Clones - renamed to Double Clone to avoid confusion between the spells
*All Assassination "Failed" debuff is now changed to better fit the class playstyle:
OLD Stunned for 2 seconds
NEW Paralyzed for 5 seconds
*Michael's Blessing (Wedding buff) - will not disappear on death
OLD Duration 2 Hours
NEW Duration 3 Hours
*Shell Barrier(Pet) - will not disappear on death
*Go Green 1/2/3:
OLD HP/MP 500/1000/2000 - DEF 150/250/500 - SD 200/400/800
NEW HP/MP 1500/3000/6000 - DEF 200/1000/2000 - SD 100/200/300

*New exchanges for Ride PD have been added

11)Terra Clerk:
*DT.Plan2 have been removed, since they are for lvl 40-60 and players got confused

12)League Farm:
*Farm Pests - will now drop Territory Badge I


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