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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2 update maintenance announcement!

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Patch Notes: Update 19:
"Looking at the SA/SD Gap on Vestment users, there are alot of concerns for people exploiting the gap to gain way too much SD and counter 4 classes in the game, thats why we are taking measures to lower the SD on all players while keeping the same damage output for mages vs players.

The PVE damage for mages was lowered too much, thats why we reduced SD on all monsters to try and regain as much PVE power as possible."

1)Spell Changes:
*Smoke Bomb - will now cost MP, increased stance power to match other melee aoe's, increased range 3 => 5 to match other level 32 aoes and feel better to use
*Deadly Combo - time between hits 0.2s => 0.1s (same as other level 80 multihits), will now be 3 hits on all ranks, range 1 => 3, MP cost reduced
*Sneak - will no longer need a mount to cast, cast will now be 0.7 sec, cooldown 18/16/14/12/10 seconds, stealth duration 8 seconds on all ranks, all ranks 75% dodge
*All Mage Attack Spells up to Atlantis have reduced Spell Power
*Power Shield - new DEF 400/800/1200/1600/2000
*Sage Blessing(Pet) - is now a self buff
*Cure Spell(Pet) - Increased Healing and lowered Cooldown
*Mighty Cure(Pet) - Increased Healing and lowered Cooldown
*Stealth Break - reduced cooldown
*Detect Stealth - reduced cooldown
*Doomsday Bomb - added Corrosive damage, same values as Storm Fury
*Storm Fury - removed 0.5s delay to hit and added 0.5s cast time, same as Doomsday Bomb, debuff will no longer slow
*Thunder Fury - increased range 5 => 8
*Frozen Trap - will now stack with all other spells, duration 2/3/4/5/6
*Camouflage - when the spell ends it will give attack speed by 30% and critical by 10 for 7 seconds
*Blazing Charm - will now reduce cast time for a period of time

*Fixed part of Atlantis main being in Dungeon section

3)Green Angel:
*Go Green Buffs - NEW SD 20/40/80, NEW DEF 150/250/500

*Power Backpacks - NEW SD 10/20/40
*Super Fruits - now require level 105 to use
*Ultra Fruits - now require level 175 to use
*Safe Bag - scrolls were updated to High Effect
*Mid-effect Pet's Red Potion - reduced price
*Mid-effect Pet's Blue Potion - reduced price

5)Item Mall:
*Atlantis: Wraith V Bag - added missing spell Chaotic Melody
*Added NEW King of the Sea: Card Bag
*Added NEW Beach: Card Bag
*Ride Fashions have been changed
*Lucky Wish Bags have been removed
*NEW Gear Enhance Package added in LuckyBags -> Hot
*NEW Ride Enhance Package added in LuckyBags -> Hot
*NEW Robot Enhance Package added in LuckyBags -> Hot
*NEW Green Enhance Package added in LuckyBags -> Hot
*NEW Angel Gold Package 1,000 added in Function -> General
*NEW Angel Gold Package 10,000 added in Function -> General

*Reduced SD of all monsters to compensate for the spell power reduction on mage attack skills

7)Quick Reflexes:
*Updated Scrolls to High Effect

8)Boss Rush:
*Improved Custom AOPVP Event
*Gather up Angels from all around the Eden, the Evil Lyceum will be unleashing terrifying monsters in the Outpost Battlefield and all Main Cities. We need your help you restore balance around the Eden.

Any Angels that participate in the defeat of these monsters will be rewarded Boss Rush Tokens that they can exchange in Monster Hunter for rewards!
*Join us on 16.04.2022 Saturday at 11:00 and 15:00 (EDT) in all Main Cities on Server Channel 2 there will be 3 waves of bosses attacking.
*Join us on 17.04.2022 Sunday at 13:00 and 17:00 (EDT) in the Outpost Battlefield on Server Channel 2.

9)Olympus Tower:
*Updated Prices and added new Items

10)Bao Clerk:
*You can now exchange Angel Invoices for VIP Badges, they are still 30 day items

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