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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2 update maintenance announcement!

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Patch Notes: Update 13:
"Looking at producers, the most common issue was the low collection speed among players, in this update we are improving collection speed for producers, adding new ways to obtain skill exp, adding a new currency that can be obtained from orders for producers and many more improvement.

Stay up to date with us for next weeks Atlantis release."

1)Green Angel:
Newbie Skill Exp Ball - max level to use 100 to 80
NEW Common Skill Exp Ball - max level to use 100, stores x3 exp, max value 20,000
NEW 20,000 Skill Bonus Voucher
2)Dailies Clerk:
*Equipment Box
Added level 55 weapon and armor eggs
*Potion and Scroll
Updated Scrolls to High Effect
Lowered Prices on teleport scrolls
Added new teleport scrolls
*Pet and Robot - is now Pet
Removed robot and producer items
3)NEW Order Manager NPC - spawned in AL
*You can exchange items obtainted from turning in Orders
*More items will be added overtime
4)All basic Materials with a collection time of 6 seconds are now 4 seconds, increasing collection speed of producers by 33% and making collection speed buffs more effective.
5)League Normal and Riddle Terra Material respawn rate 1 hour is now 10 minutes.
6)In-game Enhance items have been upgraded to 9 star, Event items not included
7)Olympus Tower:
Entry Ticket - cost has been increased
Added Olympus Coin for gold
Fashions have been changed - old fashions can no longer be obtained
Floor 3 has been opened
NEW Level 80 trinket has been added (Upgrade after the first one can be completed in Atlantis)
Floor drops have been updated - Floor 1 now gives Unlucky Goal and Lucky Gold, Floor 2 Olympus Cert/Lucky Gold/Unlucky Coal, Floor 3 Olympus Cert
8)Item Mall:
Skill Exp/Facture/Collection cards - prices have been reduced
Olympus-Entry Ticket (1 Day) - price reduced

Server maintenance at 7 o'clock Eastern Time

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