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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2 update maintenance announcement!

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"In this update we are improving on the new mage spell changes, providing new ways for mages to gain defense against melee classes in pvp and fixing mage spell critical not working as intented."

Patch Notes: Update 12:
1)Fixed some spell and item descriptions
2)NEW Spell Master NPC - will appear in AL (all custom/reworked spells are in 1 place and easy to find)
3)Spell changes:

*All sources of Mage Critical have been removed from spells and items due to not working as intented and misleading people in their builds.
*The main source to gain mage critical currently is Meditate Mana Focus skill, later on Chaos will have its own skill proving more critical for the chaos class Cloud Burst

Divine Freeze - increased duration to 5 seconds, increased healing values, remove unable to move
Life Blessing - changed to Flat MAX HP 200/500/1000/2000/3000 (Changed to resolve the balancing issues %HP caused)

Bone Armor - will no longer stack with Demon Surge

Frost Armor - adjusted proc chance and debuff values
Thunder Armor - adjusted proc chance
Flame Armor - adjusted proc chance, NEW will now reduce the targets Spell Defense (Due to the spell critical fixes we had to change the effect to something usefull again), SD debuff 3/5/6/7/10, debuff duration 10 seconds
Demon Surge - cooldown reduced to 30 seconds, MP Degen reduced from 10% to 5%

Unicorn Soul - increased HP/MP healing values

Power Shield - All ranks cooldown 20 seconds, duration 20 seconds, increased shield values 3000/5000/7000/9000/12000, NEW when the spell is used the caster will now gain a buff for 15 seconds during those 15 seconds if they attack a target with a mage spell while holding a staff their defense will be increased for 5 seconds
Arcane Burst - increased proc chance

Mana Barrier - removed MAX MP reduction, increased duration, NEW added MP regen overtime
Mana Focus - removed MAX HP, increased duration, changed critical values to 5/8/12/15/20

4)Item Mall:
Added Love Broadcasting to Function => General
Added new Fashions
Added Time Limited Ride PD in On Sale
Added Lover Gift Bag in Luckybag => Hot

Server maintenance at 7 o'clock Eastern Time

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