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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2 update maintenance announcement!

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Patch Notes: Update 9:
1)Fixed some evolutions of Raptor Egg not being able to cast some spells
2)Fixed Dragon Emperor Rex evolution having wrong spells, Hover Wing Dragon changed Provocation spell to Bind
3)Level 65 Producer Alters - Adjusted cooldown/casttimes, lowered HP, increased Spell Attack on Mage Type Alters
4)Changed Totem Battle times back to original, as there are not enough people attending the added additional wars causing imbalance between leagues
5)Totem Battle will now be in all maps
6)Updated Lucky Wish Bag with 8* Hammers
7)Item Mall:
Added Level 75 Ride Lucky Bags
Added Special Diamond Bag
8)Level 45 Ride from lucky bags are now yellow grade
Increased droprates in MKP and GR for Gems/Prod Skills/Level V Skills/Cards/Mounts
Added Instance Tokens to the Last Bosses
Flamen Tomomy drops have been moved to Earl Makice
10)Changed Login Gift PD Rewards for 28 days
11)NEW NPC - Instance Clerk can be found in AL
Selling Dungeon Badge/Trinket/Shapeshifts/Consumables
12)Fixed Nutritious Radish PD
13)Removed unable to store in bank from multiple items
14)Spell changes:

Common Mage:
Added skill Exorshield to Magic Seller

Common Melee:
Added skill Barrier of Justice to Scroll Seller

Deceptive Clone - cast time 1s => 0.5s / cooldown 1.5m => 1m
Deceptive Clones - renamed to Double Clones
Savage Blades - increased Stance Power
Deadly Combo - all ranks now hit 3 times / reduced MP costs
Smoke Bomb - aoe 3 => 5 / buff duration 1s all rank / increased stance power
Dark Dagger - increased chance to proc unable to move on target
Poisoned Dagger - increased poison damage
Assassination/Disabling Ambush/Skilled Assassination/Stunning Ambush - reduced stance power / lowered SP cost to 1
Killing Stab - increased stance power / increased MP Cost / increased -MP debuff
Sneak - reworked to work like spell Shadow Strike

Powerful Beat - now costs MP / increased Stance Power / range 1 => 3 / scales with off-hand attack / has small aoe on hit
Pierced Beat - reworked into buff Pierce Armor

Cyclone Stab - now costs MP / range 1 / reduced hit interval / cooldown 1 second / hits 3 / added +5 critical

Death Chop - now costs MP / 3 hits / causes bleed effect on target
Tendon Chop - reworked into buff Frost Blade

Added skill Aegis to Scroll Seller
Added skill Shield Hit to Scroll Seller
Added skill Element Shield to Scroll Seller
Element Shield - increases all elemental defense

Added skill King Aura to Scroll Seller

Added skill Adrenaline to Scroll Seller

Server maintenance at 8 o'clock Eastern Time

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