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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2 update maintenance announcement!

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Patch Notes: Update 8:
1)Added a new NPC called Smith Zoro in map Hell Palace
2)Added Pet Potions to Pet Expert
3)Increased the droprate of Torn Shards in MKP and GR
4)Fixed Barkeeper and Healer NPC's for TW/DG
5)Flamen Tomomy/Dark Elite/Dark Protector added EXP and Gold
6)Item Mall:
Added Horn Lucky Bag
Added Raptor Pet Bag
Added Spell V Bags
Added Furniture (6) Bag
Updated Pet Potions
7)Clean Diamond Bags is now tradeable
8)Lucky Card (3 Days) is now tradeable
9)Changed the 65 Dungeon Sets bonuses
10)Spell Changes:
Bloody Song - 3/5/6/7/10 Phys Dmg %
Injury Cure - Increased Heal value
Swiftness Song - added movement speed
Ghostly Tactics - increased Agility
Nimble - increased Agility, attack speed removed, phys dmg added 3/5/6/7/10
Dodge Step - changed to movement speed buff
Accurate Song - changed to spell def
11)Added level 60 and 80 backpack prod plans to vendors
12)Added Drive skill to multiple robots
13)Increased some rare robot hardiness
14)Updated level 65 Prod Alters
15)Added new pet Achievement
Server maintenance at 8 o'clock Eastern Time

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