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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2 update maintenance announcement!

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Patch Notes: Update 7:
1)Level 60 Ride Bag and Level 65 Ride Bag - switched 5* lucky hammer to 6* lucky hammer
2)Added Drive skill to multiple robots
3)Added Green Circus Elephant to monster Rotten Slarm located in Underground Square, Hell Palace
4)Fixed Male PD prices in Item Mall
5)Weekend x2 rates have been extended from 12 hours to 22 hours
6)Totem Battles per week have been reduced from 8 to 4
7)NEW NPC called Terra Clerk NPC can be found in AL
8)Healer NPC has been updated
9)NEW Healer NPC has been added to Terra 2
10)NEW Barkeeper NPC has been added to Terra 2
11)Added missing level 80 shield recipe to dungeon shop NPC
12)TW and DG now have access to Terra 2
13)Terra 1 and Terra 2 gold/exp from monsters has been adjusted
14)Terra 1 and Terra 2 Bosses have been updated
15)Added new Fashions to the Item Mall
16)Spell Update:
Binding - new duration 2/3/4/5/6 seconds
Aurora Trap/Fire Trap/Canker Moss - cast time 1 second - 0.5 second
Aurora Trap - lowered Spell Power on all ranks
Blood Absorbing Spell - increased Spell Power
Hell Flame - all ranks now have 100% chance to proc DOT Effect
Hell Flame - updated DOT Effect
Strong Beat/Heavy Beat/Cracking Beat - reduced Stance Power to match other melee class damage
Phoenix Fire - updated DOT Effect
Fire Trap - updated DOT Effect
Canker Moss - updated DOT Effect
17)Added Dungeon Mounts to NPC Hunter
18)Item Mall potions have been updated
19)Reduced stats from Xmas Elf Shapeshifting
20)Fixed description of some spells
21)Fixed Spell Book category for some spells
22)Updated Dungeon level 65 Sets
23)Flamen Tomomy no longer drops items
24)Updated droprates of Dungeon Bosses
25)Added level req to AA rides

Server maintenance at 10 o'clock Eastern Time

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