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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2 update maintenance announcement!

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Patch Notes: Update 6:
1)Increased level limit in Daily Events
2)Item Mall:
Added Level 60 and 70 Armor Lucky Bags, dropping the top prize box contains the whole set + shield if its garment
Added Luxurious Poke Egg for sale
Added Houses for sale
Added level 60 and 65 Ride Lucky Bags
Added Monster Breath 30 Days
Added New Female and Male Fashions
Added level 60/70/80 Monster Egg
Added Producer Lucky Bag 2
Added Producer Armor Bag
Added New Furniture Eggs
Added CleanDiamong Bag
3)Green Angel Exchange:
Added Monster Breath 1 Day
4)Spell Update:
Double Shoot and Triple Shoot - Reduced Stance Power as it was forgotten last update, reduced time to hit from 0.5 to 0.3
Shock Wave/Halo Strike/Heart Hit/Poison Hit/Corrosion Claw/Magic Bomb/Frozen Spell/Fireball Hit/Flying Dart/Energy Flower - reduced cast time 1s => 0.5s
Fury Attack/Recovery Shield - lowered %stats given
Demon-Sucking/Bear Bellowing/Heavenly Hammer/Phoenix Fire - increased spell power
Spear lvl 40 and 60 Multihits - reduced range 3 => 1
Axe lvl 40 and 60 Single - Increased Stance Power
Death Leech - Increased base stats
Poison Hit/Corrosion Claw/Strong Acid Rain/Hell Flame - increased DOT damage
Corpse Decay - Poison now stacks with other DOTs
5)Recovery Notice - Increased HP Buff
6)Olympus Tower:
Added New Trinkets
Updated Enhance Items
7)Dailies Clerk:
Updated Enhance Items
8)Dungeon Monster droprate has been adjusted
9)Gulp Room:
Dark Elite/Dark Protector no longer gives exp/gold/items
Flamen Tomomy no longer gives exp/gold and droprate reduced to 10%
Server maintenance at 8 o'clock Eastern Time

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