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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2 update maintenance announcement!

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Patch Notes: Update 5:
1)NEW Dungeon Expansion Part 1
The Dungeon Expansion maps and Puqi Village have been opened !!!
2)Level cap has been increased to 70
3)New Achievements has been added
4)New Cardsets have been added
5)Achievement reputation level 2 has been unlocked
6)NEW Angel Arena is now opened !!!
7)Dungeon Launch NPC has appeared in AL, come and claim your rewards!
8)Dungeon Quests have been unlocked
9)Olympus Tower: Adjusted Monster spell DOT's and Elemental Damage
10)Robot from Producer Lucky Bag, reduced Drive Skill requirement to lvl 40
11)Olympic Heart Box, reduced Olympic Hearts given from 10 to 5
12)Canker Moss/Fire Trap/Aurora Trap, cast time instant => 1 second
13)Freezing Snipe and Panther Killing, cooldown 1 second => 3 seconds
14)Angel's Tears, reduced base amount healed
15)Bloody Storm, SP 1.5 => 1 / HP cost lowered in half
16)Quick Stab/Heart Stab/Swift Slash/Cross Chop - reduced cast time to 0.1, delay between hits to 0.1
17)Berserk removed HP loss effect
18)Rushing, all ranks now have 12 range, cooldown of spell depends on rank now
19)Bao Clerk has a new option Special Exchanges
20)Item Mall - Pet, added Baby Pet Bag
21)Item Mall - Weapon, new level 70 weapon Bags
22)Item Mall - Hot, Expension Code Lucky bags added, get Love/Train and more
23)Robots now require the Drive skill to equip
24)Totem Battle buff, lowered SA/ATK
25)Swift Slash/Cross Chop/Strong Beat/Heavy Beat - all ranks now scale with 25% off-hand atk
26)Double Shot/Triple Shot are now multihits
27)Freezing Snipe/Panther Killing/Dream Slaughter will no longer stack with mage single target spells, but will stack with other melee spells
28)Demon-Sucking increased MP regen
29)Wraith Summons cast time 1s => 0.5s
30)Heavenly Hammer/Blood Absorbing Spell/Demon-Sucking/Icy Storm/Phoenix Fire/Bear Bellowing/Butterflies Trap cast time 1s => 0.5s
31)1 Star Piercing hammer added to shopkeeper

Server maintenance at 8 o'clock Eastern Time

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