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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2: Closed Beta Update 2

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Patch Notes: Closed Beta Update 2
1)Fixed Pet Training in house, moved exp value by 40 levels to compensate for pet feed and ipf, 1% exp per tick
2)Nightmare Cave - Monster droprate 100% -> 10%, Monster Exp -50%, Boss card droprate 1% -> 5%, Winter Bear drop 1%, Dream Piece 1-3 -> 10-30
3)Sage Blessing %DMG 5/10/15/20/25 -> 3/5/7/10/13
4)Updated droprates on bosses:
=Gold/Card/Gem/Spell V=
Sexy Quli
Black Tree
Wind Fairy Clair
Platina Slarm
Steel Clamp
Elf Narice
Silent Hero
Fire Cooer
Death Cyclone
Savage Head
Savage Chief Apu
Barft Laird
Fallen Archangel
Black Fire Harr
Azrael's Aide
Fane Priest
Fane Protector
5)Level 60 Mage AOE's increased Spell Power, Elemental Damage and DOT's
6)Earth Stealth spell:
New cooldown 60 seconds
New duration 5/8/11/14/20
New effect - can move while stealthed
7)Terra Keeper will no longer allow access to the Totem Battle Area
8)Green Angel - Newbie Ball Price 10 => 5
9)Newbie Skill Exp Ball - max exp 10 000 => 5 000
10)Fast Scroll bar and Strike Scroll bar renamed to Attack Speed Scroll and Critical Scroll
11)Critical Scroll and Senior-Critical Scroll will now affect mage critical also
12)Light Armor will now give also 5 spell critical
13)Fixed Female Roll PD body and hands swaped visuals
14)Removed weight from some items
15)Updated Healer potions weight and prices
16)Soul Entangle now works on players, new duration 2/3/4/5/8

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